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Timor Leste -Single Origin

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Fully Washed - Medium Roast

This single origin coffee from Timor Leste is our second SR roast and another solid coffee you can rely on for your daily dose of brown juice

This roast is a tad heavier than our Guatemala single origin roast and hits good out of an espresso machine or an Aeropress

Suitable for:

- Bean-To-Cup / Espresso machine

- Aeropress

- V60

- French Press

- Mocha pot

Just pick the grind you want, put the kettle on, and make yourself a bloody good coffee!


Our Recommended Brew Method? ... Aeropress


Brew Guide:

Step 1

Turn your Aeropress upside-down with plunger at the no.4 marker (no.3 if you have an Aeropress-Go)

Step 2

Place 18-20g of ground coffee into the Aeropress cylinder and pour approx 40-50ml of boiled water over the grounds, leave this for 30-45secs (this is called blooming and allows any trapped gases to escape the coffee to give you a smoother flavour) 

Step 3

Slowly pour the rest of the water over your grinds in slow circular motion, making sure to get all of the grinds thoroughly soaked, until you near the top. Allow the coffee to sit for a minute before stirring and allowing to sit for a further 2mins  

Step 4

Place the paper filter and filter tray on the Aeropress and invert over your chosen receptacle (probably a good idea to check it fits BEFORE brewing)

Step 5

Plunge Aeropress and enjoy 



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