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Guatemala - Single Origin

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Fully Washed - Medium Roast

This Guatemalan coffee is our debut roast and a bloody good coffee you can rely on to pour a great brew day in and day out ... however you choose to brew it.


The perfect everyday coffee that works with ANY brew method you can choose ...

- Bean-To-Cup / Espresso machine

- Aeropress

- V60

- French Press

- Mocha pot

Just pick the grind you want because you can't go wrong! Just put the kettle on and make a bloody good coffee ... 


Our Recommended Brew Method:


- Boil 300ml of water and use 50ml of boiling water to pre-soak your filter paper - discard this water

- place 18g of Salty Rogues coffee into your V60 and indent the middle of the grinds slightly with your finger (this is a pro tip)

*if you bought whole beans from us and you're unsure on the grind settings, start with a medium grind setting but feel free to play around with different settings on your grinder to fine tune your daily brew 

- Pour 50ml of water over the ground beans, filling up the indent first before soaking the rest, at leave for 30-45secs (this is called blooming and allows any trapped gases to escape the coffee to give you a smoother flavour) 

- Slowly pour in the rest of the water over your grinds in an even circular motion, making sure to get all of the grinds thoroughly soaked

- Allow all the water to filter through the coffee into your mug of choice  

- Sip away and enjoy your coffee 🤙


Did You Know?

La Leona is the coff­ee that is grown in the community area of San Marcos, Guatemala.

The area is surrounded by two of the highest peaks in Guatemala, the Tajumulco and Tamaca volcanoes - Tajumulco and Tamaca are very characteristic of the region, they stand out creating a beautiful sight and result in coff­ee farms having ideal volcanic fertile soil.


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